Bird Amongst the Blossom
Jaye Maynard and Dorian DeMichele

The Tartan of Collaboration-My Developmental Co Producer

Dorian DeMichele-Co Producer pictured above at The United Solo Theater Festival’s Closing Night Festivities.

I am fortunate in my relationship with my gal pal from my undergrad days at the University of Utah in SLC-Utah. You have seen the beautiful campus featured in the Winter Olympics. It was a great place for a couple of Midwestern gals (from Bannockburn, Il. and Middleton, Wi.) to go to school. We met in class and became fast friends over Barbie, “Plan Nine From Outer Space”the musical,  and Andre Gregory’s “Alice in Wonderland”.  Life took us elsewhere for several years beyond those at the U of U and we came together having each lost a parent as our paths reconvened as only the fabric of life can weave, easily seamlessly and effortlessly.

Dorian DeMichele (Co-Producer) is a performer/writer and educator who has worked in theater, television, film and music. She co-edited the recently debuted novel, “This Wonderful Year” by Mark E. Benno.

Dorian quickly became my supporter and my co producer at PlaidBird Productions during its development. Her musicality, gift of language, interpretation and style jived with my own and I have continued to feel fortunate to have her on my team in a supportive, creative, and business-like position. She understands producing as a solo artist.  She has made the calls, been my company rep (with The United Solo Theater Festival) and been my eyes and ears on and off stage so I can fly unencumbered. She managed my spring preview performances at the HourGlass Tavern with Beth Sheinis with aplomb. She was the hostess with the mostess. She also held my hand during the lead up to the shows theatrical presentation in November on Theater Row and most recently during our two performances at Red Carpet Jazz Upstairs at Vitello’s in SoCal.