Bird Amongst the Blossom

1924-2024 Blossom Dearie's Centenary Celebration Year!

Audience Buzz

Laurie Beechman – Matinee

“Saw Jaye’s show for the second time at the Beechman Theatre. Jaye’s show is like a dream come true. The admosphere was like an Edward Hopper painting. Rich, Alive, full of vibrant color. You could tell that Jaye loves Blossom Dearie and her music by the way she sings her songs. With true love, and great admiration for the woman. Jaye is a true crowd pleaser, loves her audience, and is an outstanding performer.”

Ruth Martinez

Audience Buzz Laurie Beechman

“Saw Jaye Maynard the other night bring Blossom Dearie back to life. Congrats on controlling the room Jaye and filling it with musical and emotional beauty.

Don’t miss this beautiful show that is both sassy and so tender.”

Clyde Baldo

“CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an extraordinary performance! My boyfriend & I attended your cabaret on Tuesday night and we loved it.

I literally had tears in my eyes the whole time. When you meet someone who is an actor or a performer and you’ve not yet seen them perform, when you finally do it’s like opening up a treasure trove of knowing who they really are. That’s what I felt on Tuesday night seeing you so beautifully express your heart and spirit through these timeless songs. You have such a fantastic voice! I could listen to you sing forever.

I know that putting something like this together takes limitless time, effort, patience, creativity…not to mention talent. Clearly, so much love was behind this show it utterly filled the space and every molecule in it.

Even though I have a Blossom Dearie CD, I really never knew anything about her. I so loved how you weaved songs and the story of her life throughout. And I love the songs themselves!

Congratulations – hoping and expecting that Bird Amongst the Blossoms will take you to many wonderful places just as you take the audience to those places every time you sing.”

Rhonda Musak

“What a beautiful evening. I’ve know Jaye for many years as a yogi and it was an incredible experience to see her in her full resonance, doing what she loves most. Her love of the material and her reverence for the artist is palpable and yet she manages to be wholly herself. Bird Amongst the Blossom, as an evening,is so beautifully heartfelt and therefore, felt deep in the heart. Plus, at least for me, it opened up a whole range of songs I wasn’t familiar with…and I am wondering to myself…why??? They are rich, and human and often truly witty and wry. A real discovery. You should plan to attend Sunday!”

Johanna Aldrich

“WOW! What a wonderful show, by a multitalented lady. Graceful in manner, clever and whitty. Sings Blossom Dearie’s songs with tenderness and feeling. A winner eight times over.”

Ruth Martinez

“If you are a fan of Blossom Dearie, or just a fan of cool jazz cabaret, be sure to catch “Bird Amongst the Blossom” this Sunday afternoon. I saw the show on Thursday evening, and it was an absolute delight! Even if you have seen it before, it’s worth a second visit: Jaye Maynard and her company have brought the presentation to a whole new level. Jaye is funny and charming, and her singing is just fantastic! Thank you, Jaye, for a wonderful evening out.”

Richard Butler

“Holy Crap, Figure 8 is some spooky shit. I only reeeebmrmd it after playing the clip. I can’t believe how serious that melody is. You totally need to do your own cover of that, Cobban. Only more serious. It would be gorgeous.”


Blossom in LA Valentine's Eve

“My husband and I saw the show tonight. I heard about it via
Freddie Johnson. We are both familiar, although not intimately, with Blossom Dearie. The show most definitely did fly, and we were transported right along with it!! The music, the singing, the entire vibe, was supremely sublime. And what a sweet treat to know that Blossom wrote a song about John Lennon, who I have adored since I was 12 years old!! It was a fabulous, soul-satisfying night, and we thank you so much for bringing yourself, and Blossom’s music, to Studio City, California. Come back soon!


Denyce Waller

“I have loved Blossom since I heard a recording of “If I Were a Bell” from Guys and Dolls. Thanks for your wonderful tribute. You have a great talent.

And the bass player wasn’t so bad either.”

Jim Jensvold

“It was great fun, very satisfying, and awesome to play with Nick and you. Anytime you are on the left coast give me a shout, I’ll be there! Thanks again for the opportunity to work with you, let’s not let so much time pass before we hang out again ok? And by the way Jim has a cat named Blossom Dearie if you didn’t know!”

Freddie Johnson

“I had never heard of Blossom Dearie. No idea who she was. Had never met Jaye before, but new we attended the same university and had many mutual friends. It was a wonderful evening finally meeting Jaye and learning about Blossom Dearie. I loved the presentation and the music, but must say the entire evening finally connected with me when I learned of her role with School House Rock and the song Figure 8. Jaye invited us to sing along if we knew the song, so I did! That cd is my our car, and I play it everyday while taking Bodhi to preschool. Now when we get to that song, it takes on an entirely new meaning. That you Jaye for such an entertaining and educational evening. Beautiful! All the best. Much success.”

Mark C. Reis

Blossom in LA Family Matinee

“I loved Bird in L.A. Miss Maynard serves up some terrific vocals. The jazz is delicious. This glimpse into Blossom’s psyche is a rare delight. It’s a view one isn’t going to get in any other cabaret across town. It’s a journey back in time that feels at once haunting and profoundly current. Blossom’s wit, warmth, intelligence, subtlety, and boldness transcend time, and the Bird is the perfect messenger.”

Susan Welby-Bennet

“What a thrill for this Jersey Shore beach girl (moi), to participate in Blossom Dearie’s reincarnation in LA. I loved the intimacy of the venue, and the sparkle of Jaye. Most of all, for me personally, was the joy of experiencing Jaye’s dream come true. She is an inspiration in life…and I wish for all our media to discover her and Blossom.”

Gloria Derouen