Bird Amongst the Blossom

Blossom in LA Family Matinee

“I loved Bird in L.A. Miss Maynard serves up some terrific vocals. The jazz is delicious. This glimpse into Blossom’s psyche is a rare delight. It’s a view one isn’t going to get in any other cabaret across town. It’s a journey back in time that feels at once haunting and profoundly current. Blossom’s wit, warmth, intelligence, subtlety, and boldness transcend time, and the Bird is the perfect messenger.”

Susan Welby-Bennet

“What a thrill for this Jersey Shore beach girl (moi), to participate in Blossom Dearie’s reincarnation in LA. I loved the intimacy of the venue, and the sparkle of Jaye. Most of all, for me personally, was the joy of experiencing Jaye’s dream come true. She is an inspiration in life…and I wish for all our media to discover her and Blossom.”

Gloria Derouen